Our Process

It Will Be As If Your Have Your Own In-House Marketing Team


Time: 1hr Meeting, 1 week deliverable

Price: $200 

At this stage, we will have a 1-hour meeting with you to discuss your current process, any problems you may be facing, what you want to accomplish, etc. We will also do extensive research on your website, and review with you, your company’s different marketing aspects, such as: 


– Value ladder 

– Emails (if any) 

– Digital Marketing 

– Client journey

– Software

– Assets (webinars, podcasts, lead magnets, etc.) 

– And more!


This stage is KEY as we need to analyze any “leaks” in your current pipeline process which negatively affect your profits, sales, client experience, etc. 



Time: 3-4 weeks 

4hrs meeting 

Price: $1500

Once we have completed the audit, we will create a custom plan for you based on our research and provide you with a breakdown of the process to help you and your team be successful, such as: 

– Email campaign plan

– Funnels 

– Automation 

– Social media build

– Content Pillars 

– Building out your Dream 100 

– Design Layout 

– And more! 

We will also meet with you to further discuss the details and answer any questions you have. 

When it comes to marketing, there is no plan one-size-fits-all plan. Every company has a different target market, different needs, and goals, which is why you need a plan that is the perfect fit for you.


Time: Monthly 

Price: $2,200/month 

We understand it can be overwhelming once you get all this information handed back to you. But proper and effective marketing strategies is what can help bring your business to the top, and we want to help get you there.


Our team at Get Automated can help you do all of the heavy lifting and get you the results you need. We will assist you execute your plan as well as handle ongoing maintenance. 


It will be as if you have your own in office marketing team!

All-in-One Package - Expedited Proccess

Time: 1 month – includes, audit, plan and initial developments

Price $1000 + $2000 (for the first month) 

This option is great to help accelerate your marketing process to get you results and change sooner!

We will do your audit for free and reduce the cost of planning down to $500.


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