Lead Generation


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Showing Up On Google Is A MUST!

Google advertising is essential to any business looking to stand out within their industry. It’s crucial that when leads are looking for your service or solution, that your business is being seen.


Unlike advertising platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, Google deals with leads that are specifically looking for your business.


Weekly Ad Reporting

Dedicated Account Strategist

Daily Split Testing

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Search & Keyword Campaigns

Search campaigns are an important element of your marketing strategy. Just showing up will not be enough to generate results though. Google clients require creativity in your ability to stand out from the competition.

Our Google strategies will help you do exactly that.

Retargeting is KEY

Retargeting is the secret ingredient to successful campaigns.


When someone shows interest in your ad, whether it be by clicking or even viewing your ad for a predetermined amount of time, we have the ability to retarget them with a more detailed ad. The benefit of doing a retargeting campaign on Google is that you can use display ads to follow them around the internet.


The opt-in and success rate significantly increase with the addition of retargeting campaigns.

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Daily Split Testing

Our team of ad specialists access your account daily to ensure that your campaigns run perfectly every minute of everyday. This includes intensive split testing not only on the ads but also on the audience targeting. We track and analyze all the little elements that respond best with your target audience and ensure that we are adapting and changing to your campaign accordingly.

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