Lead Generation


Automated Conversations With Your Potential Clients

The key to chatbots is the ability to engage with leads or clients in real time. Businesses not using chatbots usually use contact forms which are set up to fail as you only have 15 minutes to engage with a lead before they move onto the next business.


With a chatbot, you are able to start a conversation and answer preliminary questions to the point where leads are invested enough with your business that they will be willing to wait until you can take them to the next stage.


Customized Conversations

Direct Embed on Website or Facebook Page

Instant Lead Engagement

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Conditional Conversations & Outcomes

Not all leads are going to have the same questions, which is why having conditional conversations is crucial. Chatbots have the ability to create different conversation paths to help customize each conversation.


Depending on the outcome of the conversation, lead information can be captured so that someone from your team can handle or close the lead.

Use Chatbots on Multiple Platforms

Chatbots can be used on more than just your website. They can also be embedded on your Facebook page to engage with leads that visit your page.


Your website and Facebook page are different platforms, so tweaks and adaptations to the chatbots are essential to make the conversation and experience optimal for all leads.

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Capture Important Lead Information

Once leads have engaged with your chatbot and asked/answered enough questions, you can prompt them to provide their contact information for further contact.


This is a great way to gather information. Because leads have started the conversation and invested time with the chatbot, it increases the chance that they will provide their information.

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