Maximizing Your Scheduling Software

Book Meetings On Autopilot & Save HOURS Every Week

We’ve all been there, going back and forth over email trying to find a date, time, and location that works to meet. Most of the time, when you do find a perfect combination that works for everyone, it needs to be rescheduled. Then the frustrating cycle starts again…


Now just think, that’s only one appointment! Never mind scheduling the number of meetings, calls, and appointments needed to run a business. Who has the time!?


Scheduling meetings should NOT be this hard


So let’s talk about solutions, namely scheduling software! 


Here’s the thing, schedule software will allow you to book appointments with clients on autopilot. Once you set it up, you’ll have meetings show up in your calendar without having to lift a finger (and without the headache). 

Why You Need A Scheduling Platform

  • Make the scheduling process seamless
  • Sync your calendar & never get double booked again
  • Have consistent communication before & after appointments
  • Show clients real-time availability
  • Allow clients to self-schedule their own appointments 24/7

All you need to do is SHOW UP for appointments!

After setting up your scheduling software, it’s important to get the most of the online scheduling. Here are a few ways to maximize your new platform.

Make Your Appointments Easily Accessible In One Place

Once your scheduling software is set up, it’s best to have all your appointment accessible in one place, namely a scheduling page. This can either be set up directly through your scheduling software or you can embed all your appointments onto your website.


In some cases, you may want to only offer certain appointments to leads and other appointments to clients. If that is the case, make sure you categorize your appointments or perhaps create two users/calendars. This way you can create two separate links to use!

Have Your Booking Link EVERYWHERE!

Your booking link is your strongest call-to-action! Have the link easily accessible everywhere: emails signatures, social media, website, client communications. Not only do you want to give leads or clients your booking link but you also want clients and potential leads to be able to book in with you seamlessly.

Utilize Your Scheduling Software Emails

Make sure you customize your reminder and follow-up emails! Every touchpoint with clients is crucial and it’s important to make a good impression at every stage. Having a couple of reminders emails is always a good rule of thumb. Not only does it prevent being stood up, but also customizing each reminder will help prepare clients for a successful meeting. 


Fortune is in the follow-up! Having custom follow-up emails, based on the appointment type, is key to making sure clients know the next steps. Again, creating consistent communication before and after meetings is essential. Luckily, with scheduling software, you only have to set up these email communications once and the emails will be sent out automatically!


Whether you’re looking to get scheduling software, trying to set it up, or needing strategies to maximize your existing software, let us know! We’d be happy to help.

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