Adding Value With Lead Magnets

The secret to adding value & converting leads on autopilot

We all know that delivering value to prospects and leads is important, but how can you do it? Furthermore, how do you do it without having to lift a finger!?   With lead magnets!   Lead magnets are intellectual property that you can use to provide value to prospects and leads. It helps educate and solve a problem that leads are confronting that your business can solve.   Lead magnets help you gather contact information from leads in exchange for your item. Helping you build a bigger marketing list to bring leads through your buying cycle to eventually have them as lifelong clients.   So where do you start if you want to build a lead magnet?

What’s The Problem?

First of all, what is a common problem your leads and prospects are dealing with? Pick a problem that agitates a big pain point. In addition, pick a problem that your business can solve!


Take a client-focused approach when strategizing the concept for your lead magnet. Think about it this way, what would make your leads stop in their tracks and think “Hey! I’m dealing with that problem and I’d love to learn more!”

You’re The Expert!

Come from a place of expertise, after all, it’s your business and you’re the expert in the matter! You want to help educate your leads about how they can either fix or improve their problem.

You want your leads to consume your lead magnet and realize that you’re the expert they need to solve their problem. Alongside what they’ve learned in your lead magnet, your help will be the final piece of the puzzle to get them where they need to be.

It’s Not About Selling!

Your lead magnet should simply focus on providing value. DO NOT PITCH! That’s what your emails and follow-ups will be about. Naturally, your lead magnet will have contact information and potentially a soft call-to-action at the end but should only offer a helping hand if they have more questions.

The emails that follow the delivery of the lead magnet will present your next call-to-action. This helps focus on the value of the lead magnet and avoid any potential frustration leads may get if they realize they’ve been “tricked”.

Picking The Right Lead Magnet!

Lead magnets come in all different formats. To list a couple:

  • Guides
  • Worksheets
  • Video series
  • Case studies
  • eBook
  • Webinar
  • Course trials

You want to build a lead magnet in the format that supports your content. If it’s easier to explain the content in a video format, perhaps a webinar or video series would be best. If you want it to be more interactive, a worksheet or actionable guide is your best bet!

Lead magnets are essential and once you build them, they will be value-add assets that are in your business forever!

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